"The only way we will defeat this outbreak is for all countries to work together in a spirit of solidarity and cooperation. We are all in this together, and we can only stop it together.

This is the time for facts, not fear.

This is the time for science, not rumors.

This is the time for solidarity, not stigma."



All in This Together, a new special exhibition, shows how individual actions affect the community, and how science is used to understand and combat the COVID-19 pandemic.

Explore the facts about COVID-19 and the science behind our most powerful public health tools for fighting the pandemic. Come view a special display from the Covid Memorial Quilt honoring individuals lost. And show your solidarity by sharing what you have done to help fight COVID-19, and explore how other members of the community have done their part.

All in This Together is on display on the second floor as you exit the escalator.


700 Exposition Park Drive
Los Angeles, CA 90037

Get Directions

Open Daily 10am-5pm

Free General Admission





Madeleine delivers Panel 3 and Panel 8, records the media portion of the exhibit, and is standing where the Panels of the Covid Memorial Quilt will be displayed.


Greetings,  I did the tour this morning and wanted to share my experience.  I met a group of 3 people from Pennsylvania who had driven here to see the Covid Memorial Quilt.  The one woman's father died from Covid and his block is on the quilt. She had made it from his clothes.  The other couple was a cousin and his wife.  She shared this with the tour group and I think it was moving for all of us - putting faces to all this sorrow.  


INTERNATIONAL QUILT MUSEUM - LINCOLN, NEBRASKA - PANEL 3 and PANEL 8 - August 20, 2021 to October 16, 2021

The International Quilt Museum has opened Trying to Make Sense of It: 9/11, Loss, and Memorial Quilts

In times of death and grief, quilts convey—without words—messages of solace, solidarity, and support to the receivers. At times, groups use quilts to express themselves as a community of support to others who have experienced loss. In addition, as both objects of art and as stitched documents, quilts convey compelling messages to viewers when displayed in public spaces.

Each quilt in Trying to Make Sense of It: 9/11, Loss, and Memorial Quilts provides an example of the unique ways that quilts help us process the various kinds of losses we experience. For the 20th anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, we pause to remember those who have perished in this and other collective, personal, and community losses, and to reflect upon the ways memorial quilts function in our lives.

PHOTO #1 BELOW: "Madeleine- I wanted to show you the Covid Memorial Quilt with my father, Robert Gilchrist, hung in the museum in Lincoln, NE.  We visited this week on our way from St Paul, MN to Boulder, CO taking my daughter to college. We loved it and again thank you so very much for all your effort to make this project a reality - an awesome mission! Many thanks! Sally Gilchrist."

PHOTO #2 BELOW: "Madeleine, I was able to go to Lincoln yesterday to see my dad's (Patrick Freiberg, Panel #8) panel! I was so deeply touched!! You did a beautiful job making the panel! Thank you!! The photo is me with my dad's cousin Dan and his wife Tricia. Sincerely, Jan."


The International Quilt Museum is located on the University of Nebraska - Lincoln's East Campus, and houses the largest publicly held quilt collection in the world. Diversity and inclusion are central to the University’s and the IQM’s mission and pursuit of excellence. Each person has something to gain from and offer to our community of learning, discovery, and outreach. All are welcome here.


Dear Madeleine:

Today I visited the Armory Art Center and viewed your Covid Memorial Quilt exhibit. It was amazing. Even though you had sent me a photo of Nick’s square, I was overcome with emotion when I viewed it in person. You have done an incredible job and should be so proud of yourself. I just hope a lot of people visit and pay honor to all those lost to Covid.
I hope to visit the exhibit again, perhaps when you have the delayed Grand Opening. The lady I spoke with mentioned it might be the end of October. Please let me know as I would like to meet you and thank you in person.
I have attached some photos of the exhibit. I am the blonde in the photo with Nick’s panel. Thank you again.
Best regards,

Barbara Fischler.  



As well as doing press to bring awareness to her healing project, Madeleine was able to meet families and friends who lost someone honored on the Covid Memorial Quilt. Here are some of those moments, including Madeleine meeting Barbara Fischler. 

ARMORY ART CENTER - WEST PALM BEACH, FLORIDA - 16 PANELS: Panel 1, 5, 6, 7, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, and 20.

The Covid Memorial Quilt

September 10 - December 6, 2021

Join us to see the Covid Memorial Quilt– a living memorial to all those who have died from Covid-19, begun by Madeleine Fugate as a 7th grade community action project. Inspired by stories about the AIDS Memorial Quilt, which her mother worked on, student Madeleine chose to make a Covid Memorial Quilt as a way to publicly grieve, honor and recognize all those who have died. Word spread and the Covid Memorial Quilt soon outgrew a school project. Individual Memorial Squares are sent in from all over the world by friends and families to honor a loved one. The Covid Memorial Quilt has now become a global project of hope and healing.

Exhibition Dates: September 10-December 6, 2021

Facial covering required for all, regardless of vaccination status | Galleries are free & open to the public


811 Park Place
West Palm Beach, Florida 33401
(1/2 mile south of the Kravis Center)


Tel: 561-832-1776
Fax: 561-832-0191


*Beginning the week of August 30
Monday-Friday 10:00 am-4:00 pm
Saturday 10:00 am-12:00 pm

Free Admission | Open to the Public
Facial coverings required for all, regardless of vaccination status


November 7, 2021.  St. Paul's Episcopal Church in Delray Beach, Florida, held a memorial concert in memory of the 700,000 Americans lost to COVID-19 featuring the Fauré Requiem with chorus and orchestra.  Also on exhibit were two panels - PANEL 18 and PANEL 20 - of the Covid Memorial Quilt.
We received this letter:  
Thank you again for arranging for the Armory Art Center to loan us 2 panels of the Covid Memorial Quilt for our memorial service yesterday. It was a beautiful event and the presence of the quilt panels added to the solemnity of the event. 
Thank you again for allowing us to participate in this wonderful and meaningful project. Madeleine is doing the work of the angels with this project.
David Macfarlane
Artistic Director
Music at St. Paul's
Delray Beach, FL


Panel 1


ROW 1: Adam Schlesinger, Oglala Lakota Tribe in South Dakota, Lennox Family Grandma, Franklin And Marshall, Essential Workers.

ROW 2: New Zealand, Terrence McNally, Mary Simoneau, Spectrum Hospital, NY.

ROW 3: Bon Iver/Jan Lewis, Jim Bird, Farm and Grocery Workers, In Memory, Good Lord Bird. 

ROW 4: A New Normal, EMT Doctors Nurses, From Piper Perabo, We Helped, In Memory.

ROW 5: From Pat, Charlie Lowell, I Roar For You, Musicians, In Memory of Medical Personnel.

Panel 2

On Exhibit at the California Science Center in Los Angeles, California. 


ROW 1: UNC/Nurse Kelly, Kira Kamsky, Anna Carter, Betty Noriko Oshiro, Eric Yuichi Oshiro.

ROW 2: Dave Bushman, Musicians, John Prine, Lita Saldarini, Dr. Tom Halliday.

ROW 3: Polly Webster, Lorna Breen MD, Helen Flores, In Memory, In Memory.

ROW 4: Frederick Cox, Paul "Buddy" Gibbs, Raymond W. Riker, MTA Workers, In Memory.

ROW 5: Rick Unterberg, Ellen Deitch, NY Block, Musicians, Teachers Who Shaped Lives.

Panel 3


ROW 1: Walk By Faith, Heroes, In Memory, Michael Patrick Kelly, Juan Garcia.

ROW 2: Australia, To The Teachers/Aloha, James L. Rife, In Memory, Barbara McPherson.

ROW 3: In Memory, Charlene Struck, Christine Bracamonte, Bobby McCoskey, Ted Feinman. 

ROW 4: Love/Remember/Joy, Mike Spillane, Sandra May Coroon, Joanne Elizabeth Rau, Memory. 

ROW 5: In Memory, In Memory, Phil Tisi, In Memory, David Specland. 

Panel 4

On Exhibit at the California Science Center in Los Angeles. 


ROW 1: Mark Stampee, James Hughston, 12 Lost Souls on Beatitudes Campus, Dorothy Johnson, Andy Wojtkowski. 

ROW 2: Small Businesses, DB from Alzheimers/Dementia Facility TX, Frederick Harris, DY from Alzheimers/Dementia Facility TX, Clancy Imislund.

ROW 3: Roy Okutani, In Memory, Blanca Gomez West, In Memory, Dorothy M. Cummins.

ROW 4: Bill Huening, DC from Alzheimers/Dementia Facility TX, Adam Schlesinger, SN from Alzheimers/Dementia Facility TX, Barbara Jones Ryden. 

ROW 5: Fred Miller, Father Joseph Zinagaro, Del Armstrong, Deborah L. Brown, Javier Molina. 

Panel 5


ROW 1: In Memory, Anthony J. Causi, Larry King, Joe Radcliffe, Caregivers. 

ROW 2: Norman Moyer, Mike Commesso, Joe Sancier, Dennis Rogers, David R. Croce.

ROW 3: Philip Kulinski, Cyrus Silas McKinney, Gilda Quijije, Gordon L. Davis, Joseph J. Sabach.

ROW 4: Nicholas James Anthony, Stan S. Vivas, Too Loved, Gene Fitzpatick, Tattered.

ROW 5: Joe McKeon, Nurses, Second Mother, Ann C. Forbes, Charles Rusher. 

Panel 6


ROW 1: May/Sachie, Deiedre Leisure, Geraldine L. Govern, Delta Oberholzer, Ella Luhaney.

ROW 2: Donna Jean Sachs Long, America Strong, Joseph Mecca, The Unknown Names, Western Australia.

ROW 3: Martha Louise Heft, Emma H. Patino, Anastasios Vlahiotis, Jeffrey "Brian," Diane Lanzisera.  

ROW 4: Bobbie Conover, Sebastian Pineda, Not Forgotten, To Those Lost, Helen Kott.

ROW 5: In Memory, Doctors, Dr. Michael Giuliano, Firefighters, You Are Loved. 

Panel 7

NOTE: This panel is comprised solely of Memorial Squares made by students at Carver Middle High School in Carver, MA.

Panel 8


ROW 1: George Paul Stergis, Patrick J. Freiberg, Terry L. Watson, LaVerne "Chicken" Whitley, Joe Adams. 

ROW 2: Those Who Died, Steve Dreier, Nani/Gina's Mom, John Thrower, Jr., Texas.

ROW 3: Terry Muchovic, Larry R. McAnally, MSgt Jerry A. Bunce, Art G., Donald F. Comstock.

ROW 4: Norma Lea Doud, First Responders, Violette Janisewski, For All Those Who Died, Anna L. Hayes (Newman). 

ROW 5: You Will Be Remembered, Robert Gilchrist, Jean Bass DeLoach, Colon L. Mills, In Memory. 


Panel 9


ROW 1: Thank You Front Line, Raquel Lucero, Capt. Sir Tom Moore, Bob Silvia, Thank You Front Line. 

ROW 2: Florencio Verdugo, Frank Cervantes, Bertha McCullers Ford, Maria Eroda Campos, Judith Daphne Catz. 

ROW 3: Larry Allen Carlson, Cindy & Ruben Trejo, Martin Castillo, Dolores Dominguez, William R. Jones, PhD. 

ROW 4: Richard Buck, Jacque Roth, Nicholas Glover, Larry Allen Carlson, David Villanueva.

ROW 5: Front Line, Leona (Wronski) Graboski, Cindy Dahlstrom, Rick D. Olsen, Front Line. 

Panel 10


ROW 1: Fred A Rivera, Marvel Helgeson, Oritt Stephen Everett, Lee Rowe Stoner, Mario Spiner.

ROW 2: Ann Louise Couture Corsino, Donna L. Wheat, Aida Mercedes Suazo Everett, Josefina Suarez, New York Teachers. 

ROW 3: Major Charles & Rachel Rogers, Timothy L. Russell, Gary Woods, Richard L. Feigen, Charles A. Zuzchik, Jr.

ROW 4: Joseph LaRocco, Richard Lee, Norbert Arlen Greene, Nick P. Fischler, Danette McGlone Martin.

ROW 5: In Memory, The Sun/James Harrison, In Memory, Richard Martin Rennie, In Memory. 

Panel 11

NOTE: This panel is comprised entirely of Memorial Squares handmade by students from the Glen Allen High School National Art Honor Society from Glen Allen High School in Virginia.

Panel 12

NOTE: This panel is comprised entirely of Memorial Squares handmade by students from the Glen Allen High School National Art Honor Society from Glen Allen High School in Virginia.

Panel 13


ROW 1: Charles Henry Krebbs, In Memory, Al Vollbrecht, Jacqueline Blay, Rogelio "Ro" Lechuga.

ROW 2: Trinidad & Tobago, Charlie Stewart, Francisco Mero & Leslie Mlodzinski, John Whitlock, Dawn Wells.

ROW 3: Henry Irwin Miller, Richard Sibery, Marco C. Rodriguez, Michael Gebbia, Ethan Thomas Newman.

ROW 4: Riley C. Goodhart, Milton Kent, Rodolfo & Martha Casillas, Santos Gomez, Jennifer Beeson.

ROW 5: David Shelton, Juana Martin, Rodolfo Casillas, Carol Richard, Nicholas Cordero.

Panel 14

Panel 14 shown to lawmakers at the Capitol Building and in the White House in Washington, DC, in support of #HR174 to establish a federal holiday in remembrance of all those lost to COVID-19.


ROW 1: Earl Edwards, Colleen Stuber, Tribal Nations of Oregon, Jody Ann Wright, Daniel Rian.

ROW 2: Terrence Brian Tanski, Bennie Anorico Aranas, Frank Richard LaRiviere, Marcia Haug, Loy David Taylor. 

ROW 3: Carlos Anaya, Alaska Honors, Lynn Bryan, Geraldine Gromley, Bobby Begay.

ROW 4: Carola Montero, Amanda Pauline Bouffioux, Remo Minato, Thomas Brooks Sudduth, Kim Forn Luey. 

ROW 5: Chad Allen Frank, Lilliantyne Fields, Kerry Paul Heintz, Spider Boardman, Mark Gillgam.

Panel 15

NOTE: This panel is regional to the state of Arizona and to members of the @MarkedByCovid community led by co-founder Kristin Urquiza. 

PHOTO: Madeleine and Kristin Urquiza in Washington, DC to lobby for #HR174, a federal holiday of remembrance for all those who've died of COVID-19.


ROW 1: Clara B. Newcomb, Dykota Morgan, Wilford & Mary Kepler, Kaci Lynne Loux, Pat Hardy. 

ROW 2: Sarah Oliver, David Graves, James Roy Harrison, Bruce Hoffmeier, Donna Schroeder (nee DeMay). 

ROW 3: Luis Lopez, Paul & Rosemary Blackwell, Stephen Albert Harmon, Aeden Selph, David R. Gonzales.

ROW 4: Jameela Dirrean-Emoni Barber, Duane Cook, Genevieve Martinez, Michael Navojisky, Delivery Drivers. 

ROW 5: Not Forgotten by Jay, Caretakers, Suffering Friends & Relatives, Genaro III, Loving Memory, In God's Hands by Jay.

Panel 16


ROW 1: Jane Joy Jessup Sommers, David Utting, Unlauded Health Care Workers Who Died, Adam Fraum, Jay M. Galst.

ROW 2: Terrence McNally, Elisa Higgins, Rami Samman, No Strangers, Charley Frank Pride.

ROW 3: Mary Ragan Webster, Maria Mercader, Joan Virginia Haug, Mary Di Sandro, Jeffery James Seneca. 

ROW 4: In Memory of all Deaf and Deaf-Blind, Andrew Gigante, Sekou Smith, Romi Aneja, Memories Moments. 

ROW 5: Wilson Roosevelt Jerman, Deborah Mary Brummett, Patricia Lucille Tetrault, Otilia Levi, Dr. Alyce Chenault Gullattee.

Panel 17


ROW 1: Julie Bennett, Marylou Armer, Carolina Tovar, Roy Horn, Lucio Gonzalez.

ROW 2: Alice Coopersmith Furst, Ann Sullivan, Leticia Ramirez, Trinidad "Trini" Lopez, Dr. Sheldon Arnold Schore.

ROW 3: Becky V. Strong, Manuel Juarez, California Essential Workers, Arnie Robinson, Jr., Ben/Papa.

ROW 4: Allen Garfield, George Bender, Joseph "Coach" Radisich, Jeff Kurtzman, Anthony Faddis.

ROW 5: Elias Ilar Yoro, Pearl Pruse, Heidi Ferrer, Forever Believe, Allen Daviau.

Panel 18


ROW 1: Christine Armour, Ralph Monahan, Florida Thanks Essential Workers, Ron Ross, Reno Boffice.

ROW 2: Christine Allday, Bennett Bakst, Herb Baum, Thom Carr, Randy Whipple.

ROW 3: Arthur Falk, Earl Bailey, Doris Baker, Barry Downes, Stuart & Adrian Baker.

ROW 4: Clark R. Allen, Dr. Alex Hsu, Sgt. Jose Diaz Ayala, James Picciano, Allen Havelin.

ROW 5: Shannon Bennett, Domenic "Nick" Joseph Amore, Azade "Azzie" Kilic, Bernie Dukes, Thank You to those saving lives. 

Panel 19


ROW 1: Anthony Larry Rush, Roscoe "Scooter" Taylor III, Paul Loggan, Charles Johnson III, James DeSalle.

ROW 2: Brian Surratt, Roscoe "Scoby" Taylor, Jr., Carlos Rosas, Marleen Joan Kopach, Honestie Hodges.

ROW 3: James "Jamie" Trotter, Ernest Flegenheimer, Janet Marxkors, Philman Williams, Paul Leighton Johnson. 

ROW 4: Lynika Strozier, Aquasha Moore, Angelo Divirgilio, Danny Williams, Dan Barrett.

ROW 5: William E. Bryson, Sr., Victoria "Vicki" Marie Fay, Nickolas Lee, Anonymous For All Who Have Suffered, Mary Ann Wells.

Panel 20


ROW 1:  Steve Lightle, Alicia Arias, Marie Bonanzinga, George "Dennard" Washington, Jr., Blanca Mero-Castano.

ROW 2: Annie Glenn, Ray Keith, Ethel Wright, Hope Keith, Cynthia Ryan.

ROW 3: Evelyn Sophie Christine Hensgen, Scott Kaplan, David Casarez, Angelo Parlegreco, Jr., Herman Cain. 

ROW 4: Astrid Reyes, Wilmard "Wil" Santiago, Balvina Casarez, Peter Szabo, Debbie Keating.

ROW 5: Stephen Sherman, Daniel John Primich, Yolanda Cortez, Charles F. Super, Jr. and Patricia Ann Super, Earla Dawn (Ritz) Dimitriadis. 

Panel 21 - IN PROCESS


ROW 1:  George Whitmore, Colin Powell, Lost To Covid, Brandis Kemp, Alan Merrill.

ROW 2:  Joe Diffie, Jay Benedict, Fred The Godson, Floyd Cardoz, Arnie Robinson.

ROW 3:  John Davis, Bruce Williamson, Thank You Kris Johnson, Remy Julienne, Sergio Rossi.

ROW 4: Jay Johnstone, Tommy "Tiny" Lister, Chris Trousdale, Mark Blum, Kenzo Takada.

ROW 5: Eddie Large, Tom Dempsey, Linda Torres, Eric Spinato, Adam Schlesinger.

Panel 22 - IN PROCESS


ROW 1: Brenda C. Meadows, Mary Agyeiwaa Agyapong, For Kristin Urquiza, Darleen Sears-Holmes, Jan Judman.

ROW 2: Donald D. Schultz, Victor D. Painter, Mark Anthony Urquiza, Aunt Kathy Jones, Republic of Colombia.

ROW 3:  Paula Greenhough, LaVerne Land, Tagan Ja'Nae Marie Drone, Patricia Bosworth.

ROW 4: Gulshan Ewing, Tracy Alling-Bosworth, Hazel Dickerson, Christian Jude Romero, Edward Timar.

ROW 5: Toni Lynn Wesley McKinley, Eugene Forti, Patrick Jones, Thomas Gordon Phillips, Cloris Leachman, Theodore "Ted" Lumpkin. 

Panel 23 - IN PROCESS


ROW 1:  

ROW 2: 

ROW 3: 

ROW 4: 

ROW 5: 

Panel 24 - IN PROCESS


ROW 1:  

ROW 2: 

ROW 3: 

ROW 4: 

ROW 5: