IF YOU MADE A MEMORIAL SQUARE:  Please mail 8 inch x 8 inch Memorial Squares or any materials* for us to finish a Memorial Square for you to:

3940 Laurel Canyon Blvd #443
Studio City, CA 91604

*Please see Frequently Asked Questions below for more information.

IF YOU WANT US TO MAKE A MEMORIAL SQUARE FOR YOU: Please email a photo, name, dates of life, quotes, and any other information (color choices, hobbies, etc) to help us choose the fabric for you to:

[email protected] 

PLEASE INCLUDE STORIES AND MEMORIES: Behind every Memorial Square is a person with a family and friends who loved them. No one is a number or statistic. Please consider sharing a story or memory about the person lost for the Memorial Squares page on this website to help us know, honor and remember them.

SHARE A FLYER: Help us spread the word about our healing project. Please download the flyer and share it with all those affected by COVID-19.

"My goal is that every person lost is remembered on the Covid Memorial Quilt." - Madeleine Fugate


What is a Memorial Square?

Memorial Squares can be any piece of fabric cut into an 8” x 8” square that will then be assembled into a larger 48” square panel of the Covid Memorial Quilt.

Why 8 inch by 8 inch?

The number 8 is the symbol of infinity. 8 is a flow of energy—a sign of life. The Covid Memorial Quilt is a living memorial to remember all who have died. May they never be forgotten.

Are you still receiving new Memorial Squares? What is the end date?

Yes. We are always receiving new Memorial Squares. There is no end date. As long as we are receiving new Memorial Squares, we will continue making new quilt panels. We understand this may take years to complete. Our country is grieving. It can feel overwhelming. This is our way to help us heal.

What will a panel of the Covid Memorial Quilt look like?

Each completed panel comprises 25 individual Memorial Squares making 1 single large 48" square Covid Memorial Quilt panel. The individual Memorial Squares will have a 1" cotton broadcloth border surrounding them so that no Memorial Square touches another. The completed 48" panel will have a cotton canvas backing to protect the Memorial Squares and a 2" cotton canvas border. Grommets will be fitted into the canvas border for display purposes. 

What are you going to do with the Covid Memorial Quilt?

Panels of the Covid Memorial Quilt will be displayed in city halls, museums, hospitals, churches, schools, and traveling exhibitions. Panel 2 of the Covid Memorial Quilt has been delivered to the California Science Center in Los Angeles and will remain on display for approximately 18 months once the California Science Center has reopened. 

But I don't know how to sew! Can I still send something?

You do not need to know how to sew. We have a crew of students who will create a Memorial Square from whatever items you send. Here is a list of sample materials:

  • A favorite shirt, jacket, or other pieces of clothing
  • Felt letters of a name
  • Patches
  • Logos from favorite sports teams, military, or university
  • Favorite band/movie emblems or merchandise
  • Buttons, jewelry, or belt buckles
  • Handkerchiefs, bandanas, or scarves
  • Transfer images or photographs of the person you lost
  • Masks, clothes, buttons, or baseball caps
  • Images of favorite places, national parks, cities, theme parks, or tourist spots
  • Poems, song lyrics, or book titles
  • A signature in Sharpie

Virtually anything that speaks to the person you lost that can be incorporated onto an 8” x 8” square. The Covid Memorial Quilt is an art display so you can be creative. It will not be used on a bed.

PHOTOS: If you want us to scan and iron on transfer a photo onto a Memorial Square (like you would an image onto a t-shirt), please send photos to the above mailing address. To email photos or email digitally made Memorial Squares, please email them to: [email protected]. CONTACT US on this website will not accept attachments. Thank you.

Can we make a Memorial Square for someone we don't know?

You do not need to know the person who died to make a Memorial Square. All Memorial Squares will be used, even if a name is duplicated. Some ideas for Memorial Squares are:

  • Someone you have lost personally.
  • Someone you have never met who has inspired you.
  • Groups who deserved to be honored, such as nurses, teachers, essential workers, and frontliners in hospitals, communities, assisted living homes, schools, states, countries, and more.
  • Anyone affected by Covid-19.

Does a Memorial Square need a seam allowance?

The majority of Memorial Squares that we receive measure 8” x 8”. We trim down those that are larger. We then sew them into a panel using a ¼" seam allowance all around. The finished Memorial Square as seen in the quilt panel will be 7 ½" x 7 ½." Therefore, any design should take this into account, so important information is not too close to the edges.

Who is making the Covid Memorial Quilt?

The Covid Memorial Quilt was designed and created by Madeleine Fugate, a 13-year-old student. She is supervised by Ms. Wendy Wells, a Textiles and Costume Design teacher at The Buckley School. Ms. Wells is the Director of Quilt Operations of the Covid Memorial Quilt. Katherine Fugate, Madeleine's mother, is the Managing Director of the Covid Memorial Quilt, in charge of the website and daily management. The Covid Memorial Quilt is assembled entirely by volunteers.


The Covid Memorial Quilt is an act of love and made entirely by volunteers. We have no sponsorship or outside funding. To support the Covid Memorial Quilt and help us buy materials and defray travel costs, we gratefully accept small donations. The link below takes you to PayPal for Credit Card donations. Please make checks out to Madeleine Fugate NOT Covid Memorial Quilt. Thank you!